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if families, schools, and community came together to ensure all children loved and learned their letters of the alphabet. Read more!

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Watch LTL impact in this family video

“Ever since my son brought his own copy of Love Those Letters! home from school, we have been listening to it in the car over & over again!” ~Jamie M., parent




Watch LTL impact in this pre-k video

Early data reports very promising!

Love Those Letters! is more powerful than anything I have ever seen in my teaching career. The letters are like rock stars!” ~Marcie K., Kindergarten teacher

LTL Parade Group 3 copy

Watch LTL impact in this parade video

“Can you imagine the letters of the alphabet starring in a parade? Even the high school band played!” ~ Sally M., city of Ithaca resident


Love Those Letters! BOOK/DVD/CD

This child-sized gem irresistibly engages children of every learning style and ability!


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Materials for School and Home

Our learning/teaching materials complement and expand the Book/DVD/CD set with beautiful cards, posters, and alphabet charts for home and school. Order Love Those Letters! materials. Order HERE!



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Sing With Me the Alphabet (Love Those Letters) - Single - Greg McQuade